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Sons And Daughters (Independent 2013)

   Changing others life through music might be the band’s aim in order to make some differences in this world nowadays which is actually, a good sign that there’s still positivism-led action happening over the days of sorrow in our modern millennium with “only the strong survives” but an EP came with the powerful screaming, drum of intense, guitar’s heavy riffs, crushing bass-line rhythms or explosion breakdowns while some of the choruses are catchy while others sounding extremely wilder. A Melodic Hardcore to Post-Metalcore to just Emo-Core with the tip of metallic attitude brought to front a surface by these Toledo, Ohio crew The Scarlett Letter – trying to find the exact meanings in this journey a lifetime as thanking family and friends and tremendous supporting from those whom believing in them might be a very great start to write down experiences and story as the missing link key still on the searching like the puzzle girl picture on Call To Action album.
A releasing sounds that contains six tracks ready to blow your mind this Sunday frigid morning where most of the people still fell asleep while others faking their good intention over sermon obligations – piling-up lies but not these songs: Redemption (feat. Gabe Lopez), It Takes Falling, Lost in The Darkness Found in The Light and there’s should be silence when the answer being found.

Call To Action: