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Snake River (Self-Released 2017)

Art-Pop or Swim Wave … Electronic and Synth-Pop tunes sharing sweetness following the written songs and composing arranged as the performance played by Christina Cano (voice, guitar, wurlitzer, nord-electro, hammond m3, Yamaha electone, pinewave modular and memotron; moog opus, mini moog, korg ms20, tr 808 as well as tr-909) with Erik Clampitt on grestsch jet baritone guitar, sho-bud pedal steel guitar), Zachary Domer (shen acoustic stan-up bass, warmoth electric bass), Stephanie Woods (voice, nord electro) as bird sounds and additional drums/synth programming by Johann Wagner and Karl Kling – releasing the album of This Time is Feeling that looks a bit sexy, cold, soft but enjoyable to listening by you.
Examples of those harmony female tunes with intuitional tones variable touching the countdown for gorgeous sounds within Amazon, Pocketwatch, Teeth For Gold, Atmosphere and The Void calls everyone whom walking home by the dawn or late evening to thanking life for being kind to the world by lending Synth-Pop genre to us.

This Time is Feeling: