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Smoke Signals (Big Bubba Dog 2014)

   Not as within her band presence here but alone in this solo project didn’t quite erasing her talents for being a good Folk-Pop singer as the girl herself: Star Anna Constantia Krogstie Bamford is the Seattle, Washington’s Tom-Petty in girl-version for Alternative-Country genre as being told by some senior musician from the same place as a real deal with voice fully bluster slams a door behind and thus loneliest, quiet and beautiful via this third recordings by far as Star Anna did her inspirational blended of Rock, Folk, World and Country Pop based on thus Rock N’ Roll influences as well a bluesy Americana style whispers the track-listings over The Sky is Falling.

   The simple album filled with nothing but honest tracks and wiser lyrics intuitions through the good and the wiser songs of Little Voices, Love Song, Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, Easier to Shine and Hymns We Sang – might or must be going on people’s softer favorites by the ordering on slower tunes that leads us to reflective and consciousness directions tomorrow …

The Sky Is Falling: