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Smiling Fade (Essential Records 2008)

   Alternative edgy rocking Christian group making their own trends as the end of the ninety-nine to the midst of 2000 must be the perfect timing to releasing their sophomore works that impressing most of the youth generations after being influenced by Emo-Rock and before it gets very much higher extreme than the mid-tempo standard loud distortion sounds – Christian community music in rock came in to break the depressing moments with something positive and useful as carried the words written in the good book spreading the lyrics to lighten up the dark among society.
The less complete but still emancipated to be given out as a characteristic recording from Pillar crew consisting of Michael Wittig, Noah Henson, Rob Beckley and Lester Estelle already wins several awards like Dove or more energetic efforts as the middle Americans loving them to head-bang safety. 
   The releasing over Pillar’s sixth albums via For The Love Of The Game may telling the background initiations over the forbidden arena sacrificial for pleasure of the past historic of Romans right now begin to be copying to the modern era style but hypnotizing the masses by creating hatred sports toward friends and brothers even sisters – fighting the blood-shed for glory and fame as the themes listed tracks showing us the high quality of musical making and riff-age taken from Grunge and metallic Alternative Music reign supreme through Reckless Youth, Throwdown, State of Emergency, Get back to The Runaways – all the problems infecting our young-lings from desperation, illuminates, devastation, caring less and poverty might swallowing the rest of us under the darkness slavery before being saved by the lights of god. 
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For The Love Of The Game: