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Slow Spot Sweet (Self-Released 2017)

   Imagine that the 60’s Popof featured Rn’B and Soul sounding emerged through your Pop group vocals from Melbourne not because they’re loving ABBA but more than that – these Motown lover queens showing their ability for singing Doo-Wop, Disco, Cosmic Rock and more Rock N’ Roll basic musical created for this new millennium fans if there still people liking to have these type of performance in music popularity.
Take You Out Tonight recorded by the older mature singers group of females naming themselves as Sugar Fed Leopards with baldy/bolder guys known to the formations of “Sugar Breath” Steph Brett on lead vocals, “Lemona Squeeze” Louise Terry as well as “Coco Caramelle” Carrie Webster as the back-up vocals; Davide Dolce or David Bramble the guitarist, drummer “Gum Ball Gray” Gray Taylor and “Kitty Katerini” Kat Karvess on bass refreshing your delighted more on music info within their performance of oldies and classics scenes from journey on Pop, lushy Calypso, Motown-esque to Disco-espionage fitness vigorously delicious and sexy like So Fine, Shut Up! (Show Me with Your Shoes), Hula Heatwave onto Comeback River or Lovelight must invites us to have their intergalactic attractions like the love-child between Blondie and Nile Rodgers swoon the beats on their love bed. 

See the sparkling sparks and feel the Disco beats !

Take You Out Tonight: