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Slava! Gali (Via Nocturna 2017)

   As the combination of these Olsztyn – Poland unit of Extreme Black Metal and Folk Metal blending in louder volumes as Cwiara on bass guitar and vocals, drummer Kruszyn; Lasota their guitarist/vocals and Piotr (percussion, tagelharpa, vocals) after migrating themselves onto the deeper thick misty forest of forbidden spells virtue erupting the mass-mystic mysteries themed afterwards the lyrics writings or the mutli-tude clashing of Classical Black metal rawness meet the infamous traditional on local heritage of Folkish troubadour messages and stories to by facts coming to life via Z Mar Twych album releasing as the five-piece Heavy Metal maniac worshiping the giant dolmen mountain as the band Varmia.

   Thus pillage drumming double pedals amok, thus raging terror of extremity on riff-age and chaos bass bangs or even the traditional-tinged best touch on the armed force chosen themes of anti-religious, pagan beliefs, old ancient ways ritual onto the nine songs that says all the blasphemy aspects made possibly humans as heaven and hell just a concept lower than the blistering local language anger beyond modernity must failing falls under the elders supremacy of darkness via Ptak, Wscieklosc, Gorej, Omnikorona and In Tenebris. 

Fulfilling the destiny where pagan-history shall lives again !

Z Mar Twych: