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Skeletons Stranger (Pytch Records 2016)

   The oriental-basic looks of Nikki Pfeifer may not consuming the whole entire essential knowledge of you on knowing pretty well about the Minneapolis, Minnesota project of Darkwave music – Devata Daun (such a strange name as well) releasing the album which have Keith Williams as the artwork consortium while the materials written and performed by Nikki Pfeifer herself with producer C. Kostra and you might not believe that these ten tracks of the recording session mostly, sounded very good normally awaken to those spirit dancer to move on and out as the beats tuning in and the music lifted up the atmosphere around the stereo system. Sensual voice and danceable beats will be the main ingredient towards how far the music box filled with Neo-Soul, Rn’B or Drum & Bass Electro on Look sharing its groovy songs like a soft-porn equalizer to enjoy via Willow, Fascinate, Animal Instincts to We Were Carried and Subconscious Gestures from behind the silhouette of colors.