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Sirna Dialah (Blackboard 1993)

A delighted beauty by the looks stunning with her appearance gets the mixture of her background descends of Indonesian father and German mother as she was born in West Berlin but did migrated back to the country-land, growing up to be one of the most well-known models, actress and singer you might not easily to forget – Sophia Latjuba.
The mature woman herself trying hard to sing even though her ability for singing isn’t that brilliant but luckily, the results really sounded mesmerizing because of the exact presicion choice to blend her aura and music of Pop-Rock and Rn’B soulful grabbing the soft side of every listeners while imagining the gorgeous look of Ms. Sophia in tonight’s dream just like the quite cozy lining led-vocalizations and pretty beats coming in slow-motions as these local track-titles like Tak Pernah Mati (Never Dies), Berteman Saja (Good Friends), Kita Tlah Berubah (We’ve Changed), onto two English songs: Hold On and Wishing You Were Here – relapsing thus moments where you seeing the most beautiful face in the world, fell in love with, losing everything and broke-up like the cheap drama that never happens …