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Shut Up (Selfmadegod Records 2017)

   Abstracting the life of mad tempos and devastating performance over their mixture in Death Metal or Grindcore much much fucking extreme even without the great artworks did for the front cover of horrific albums as the Warsaw, Poland crew consisted of Sebastian Rokicki (guitars), Lukasz Myszkowski (vocals), Pawel Jaroszweicz (drums) and Sebastian Kucharski (bass) making this complete quartet of the newest recording mini EP just like thus antidote for the addiction on the fish-hook luring your soulless body to taste the last try before things gone reverse for the red lips or the beauty must be destroyed.
Depressant EP filled with hatred as high as the empire state building or more; giving us the reasons of answers or just a fake solution to those malignant victimized feelings cancer-like disease infecting the modern-day men. 
   Empty Paths, Anchors, Now and Room 7 or Division of Lonely Crows pulling your non-impressive depressions deeper to the dark hole as then, transforms onto something wickedly pure evil to have an Avant-Garde Grindcore revenge on the surface states. 

Depressant EP: