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She’s A Pass (Metropolis Movie Music 2012)

   The violent mission with lots of actions and explosions of buildings, heads and human-pieces to the bloody final stand-off between the futuristic or order force well -known as jury, executioner and judge punishing all criminals for breaking the book of laws ad at the time, senior hero and the fearful Judge Dredd must go with the new recruit with powerful psychic – Cassandra on a very dangerous task. The mission of investigating three dead drug dealers become a nightmare for them as the drug-lord mistress Madeline Madrigal known as Ma-Ma decided to closing the giant building in Peach Tree slum tower blocks and sending all her bandit troops and armed men to hunt down Judge Dredd for rewards.
As dozen of filthy criminals burst out from their lair with the killer instincts unleashed to caught Dredd and Anderson – the shooting down and the fights erupts between them and many casualties fell including the innocent civilians. 
With the Electronic masterminds for creating the composed sounds on Stage & Screen scoring music – the job being given to Paul Leonard-Morgan did the Original Film Soundtrack under the variety of Rock-Electro instrumentals such as Lockdown, Mega City One, Kay Escapes, Bad Judges, Mini-Guns, Order in The Chaos and Mama’s Requiem over the entire Apocalyptic Wasteland panorama and crime superiority fought by the laws themselves but there’s also revenge, treachery and blood-gutted scenery displays as this movie might not suitable for children as money, drugs, nudity and thrilling kills pointed to the destruction permanent of Ma-Ma’s power finally. 

Dredd starring: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey.