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Shangri-La (Platia Entertainment 2004)

   Fourteen songs to listening and catches your own self tranquility while travelling somewhere nicer or just looking at the empty sky with less clouds or watching the wind carries the dry leaves in circle while the grace of nature and beauty of the performance by 12 Girls Band – the national members of central conservatory in PRC gotten idea from the ancient numerology and history of many traditional musical instruments as these selected women musicians are definitely, carries something mystical and majestic as beauties well presenting by Erhu (two-string fiddle), Pipa (four-stringed instrument), Zhongruan (plucked string instrument or moon guitar), Dizi (traverse flute), Yangqin (hammered dulcimer), Guzheng (plucked zither), Duxiaqin (one stringed pucked instrument) and many more of them you might confusing to pick which one a favorite. 
Through their New-Classical melodies of modern-day Reel Round The Sun (Riverdance), A Girl’s Dream, Forbidden City (From James Hilton’s novel and The City of Beijing), Freedom (Santuri Ethem Efendi; Sehnaz Longa) to the far traditions in Liu San Jie or Alamuhan as well as the great ensemble of traditional sounds for the cover of Coldplay’s Clocks  over the entire repertoire recording on the album entitled Eastern Energy. Whether you loved Gioacchino Rossini or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven would liking to have these Chinese female playing all day for you through the intense collections.

Eastern Energy: