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Serenade Ritual (Walt Disney 2003)

   The fate of adventures and fantasy following the pirate captain Jack Sparrow or the black smith Will Turner or the once kidnapped princess Elizabeth Swann to the infamous Hector Barbossa opening this first installment of a franchise Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley as they’re all swashbuckling over this movie giving us an entire tales related to pirating lives from Port Royal, Jamaica to Tortuga Island to Cortez’s chest and the legendary ship of Black Pearl along the ocean and sea crossing to the total massive fighting over ships, cannons and the curse from the golden mayan medallions. The chase for our silly hero Captain Jack Sparrow forced him to encounters Will the blacksmith; after several minutes of sword-clashing the negotiation goes stuck as Captain Barbossa arrives by raiding the island town, destroying almost everything and looting many materials but the real aim for the attack is finding the last child of his long-gone crew “Boostrap” Bill Turner and being lied by Elizabeth keeping the medallion but brought on board to The Black Pearl.
   The curse might seems to be scary-eerie exciting given Elizabeth kinds of terror by the moonlight moment witnessing the entire crew of Barbossa turning to disgusting ragged alive skeletons but as the medallion finally, known as the belonging of Will Turner; both Sparrow and Elizabeth left behind ashore to the unnamed island before being saved by the Royal British sails as well as the flash-back stories about the mutiny on The Black Pearl to the romance drunken couple Sparrow and Elizabeth following the trace that leads them to Isla de Muerta where Barbossa promising his crew that by killing the last child of Bootstrap Bill – they will be free from the curse and turning humans again. Klaus Badelt composing the featured show soundtrack for the movie along with the help of Hanz Zimmer creating the most significant amazing journey tracks and adventurous tunes of instrumental orchestra by the Original Soundtrack filled with fifteen compositions such as Swords Crossed, The Medallion Calls, Fog Bound, Skull and Crossbones or One Last Shot as well as He’s a Pirate – infamously, will stays to your favorable mind thinking about the imaginable life of the pirates started with this movie as jack Sparrow gets his ship back while Will and Elizabeth leaving their island to become pirates too.