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Separation Prologue (Massacre 2012)

Symphonic meets Post-Metal sections with no alternative but Folkish roads and Folklore-based musical producing by these Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wurttemberg’s Power Metal and Symphonic Heavy compositions of vocalist Ada Fletcher, Klaus Ackermann (drums), keyboardist/vocals by Lukas Palme, Christopher Gutjahr the guitarist and Jens Hartwig on bass guitar; penetrating the glass window-pane of invisible by the found key to unlocked the magic and before the tides coming in behind her – the woman in red trying to escapes with the help of Voices of Destiny music.

The growler sometimes – scarring the edgy space of airing female voices must be a description over thus dragon chasing a lady kinds of tales while fate becomes the beast but the necessity of continuity quality of a woman buries the obstacles as the perfect spiritual themes of courage and bravery within Dreams Awake, Kami, The Untouchable, Being Worth, Dedication or Red Winter’s Snow I: Prophets of Doom and Smoke & Mirrors gathering the swirls of faith blasting explodes shaping the new world for the kin of mankind story-telling taken from the album Power Dive …

Power Dive: