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Scomunica Aria (Danze Moderne 2017)

   The last not to be avoid as good Goth and extreme New Wave musical story telling on a recording session as this group from Alessandria, Italy really means that they’re not kind enough as your old New Wave disco-beats crew brings to the amateur version of Faith No More’s gun-fights but those semi-Industrial and Alternative Post-Rock and Nu Metal experiments within the seven written songs available there as Viridanse releasing their newest album via Hansel, Gretel E La Strega Cannibale – combining the exact non-popular Punk-Rock gothic themes and thus double pedals amusing terror riffs performance by guitarist Enrico Ferraris, bassist Flavio Gemma, drummer Erik Nalin or Gianluca Piscitello the vocalist as well as keyboardist Giancarlo Sansone through Alle Montagne Della Follia (At The Mountains of Madness), Il Grande Freddo (The Great Cold), Arkham onto Madre Terra (Mother Earth) binding the excellent of essential pleasure for those whom liking to spend their moment by the crushing medium tempos and magic riffs of cultism effects spreading high like the taste of poisonous weed-burnt offerings filling out the temple of Rock stereo.