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Sands Lords Devoid (Not On Label 2017)

   Obfuscate the track-opener or Consume as the second extreme-demanded casualties follows by Eridian (Remastered) as this Progressive Deathcore coming out from the Chicago-area bowels of Extreme Heavy Metal productions led the listeners onto the chance for hearing The Desecration of Existence growls by Bind The Sacrifice (band) comprising of drummer Matt Lathan, no naming bass player, guitarist Sean Kebby and vocalist Ciaran Burke; blending their Chug-Core and Deathcore/Death Metal experimental progressive (or Jazzy techniques influence ( like on Parasitic Breed and keyboards-tinged led through The Nameless Atrocity from their contaminated suburbs of Chicago as thus iconic dark giant statue being build to honoring our real gods creature – the creator as burnt incense and offering sacrificial even the one didn’t ever mentioned by the conspiracy theorists may appearing here within the groovy-tinged of metallic surroundings that slaying and obscurity demands living souls and flesh as the contributes over fame, wealthy and young ages received by the haves people becoming the loyal followers to the new dark order – mixed and mastered by Erik Stacy.

Listen and join or die miserably !!!

The Desecration of Existence: