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Saloon Tack Pit-Stop (Interscope 1989)

   Silly buddies movie about teenage Rock N’ Roll life and na├»ve sections for the Sci-Fi comedy of slackers travelling through time using a phone booth by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon telling you about the heyday tales around Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan who are the metal-heads needed to get their better grades by the final presentation on a history lesson before their father sending them to either military academy or keep continuing their retarded band of Wyld Stallyns in San Dimas – California. With the help of their futuristic friend – Rufus lending them a time machine looks like a phone-booth; the two rock dudes travelling through many of the time historic presence to kidnapping their favorite well-known figures back to the oral peropts and presentation class to San Dimas High. From Socrates on the ancient Greek to Napoleon Bonaparte’s battlefield in Austria, The Old Western legend – Billy The Kid; Sigmund Freud, Ludwig von Beethoven the crazy composer and Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc whom like aerobics much to Mr. Abe Lincoln as the group’s time travels completed with the broken antenna while stranded in the medieval times or the stone age as well as the future meeting with the advance race of humans before finally, got back to their place.       In the present time, the audience shall witnessing the most funny and hilarious adventure of the excellent historic group figures with Bill and Ted having a good time by rampaging the entire local mall and interacting with modern day people before the successful presentation for them held in such of a great rocking way – as everyone amazed and liking it.
By getting the final exam with good grades, saving beautiful princesses from the medieval nightmare and keeping their dreams on the bands they loved; your Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure may causing silly life style adopting and more rock music addiction as well as the soundtrack did to your ears completely by the composing works from David Newman track-listed the songs like Rufus Lands, Short Dead Dude, Old West, Brawl and Ancient Greece, Medieval England, Bag Freud or Execute Them! (with Hoo-Hahs) as well as America The Beautiful or Mall Mayhem. 

Pleasure to meet this MTV’s generation marked of partying-brands from the late eighties !