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Safe Underground (Intrada 2008)

   Natasha Henstridge starring her debut role becoming a seductive hybrid alien creature escaping out from the secret labs facility as the group of scientist-experts and government agents tracking her presence down around up the place in town. Michael Madsen, Marg Helgenberger, Ben Kingsley and Forest Whitaker later had their further information and examples about what, how and where as started with a receiving transmissions to SETI program in Arecibo contains the inhabitants, DNA structure within the instruction on splice over this assumed of friendly alien for this - Species movie inducing female hybrid of humanoid-alien ability perfections that attempts to learn faster but having no morals proven as later a mistake that the scientists should eliminate before too late but with the breaching for the creature successfully, went out – the non-docile and un-controllable alien female breed named Sil soon already causing more victims from the subway to the barge-train as bloodiest gore strange things make the searching team led by Xavier Fitch must do something more clever steps ahead because not only Sil (the female alien) can easily disguising as someone else but also she can regenerating while her maturity demands her to mating with male humans in order to breeding as the phase torching her violent outburst towards anyone – killing the unhealthy ones while try to find the healthy male to mates aside of her dreaming to it as the tracking continues.
Modern Classical score music by Christopher Young added some more thrills along the sci-fi terror chase for the fierce smart creature that capturing moments by tricks or kidnapping female victim for an alibi involving car-crash accident and blown-out electricity transformer station out town; almost misleading the team as original motion picture soundtrack songs like A Vibrant Slime, Ring Nebula, Fever, Are You Out There Somewhere ? and Milky Way Breasts finally, led the copulated breeding of Species ended-up in a tar-lake tunnel battle between the agents couple and the things (both alien mother and child)  then fell and burn to death by the firing tar-pit. 

Electronic stage and screen reveals the last glimpse of an infected sewer rat eating another of its kind questioning the end …