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Rune Graczsne Old (Independent 2014)

   Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Symphonic Power Metal crew led by their own female singer Kara Phillips; babe keyboardist Mercy Skye, Dan Clark (guitars, vocals), Brent Leubner (bass guitar), Dave Norman (drums) brought their fantasy-tinged compilation recording released as thus forcing of fifteen high-techniques opening of The Coming Storm (instrumentals), Breastplate of Inspiring Command, Holy Hour of The Battle-Dead (instrumental) through the real bashing medium-fast drumming blasts and heavy magic solos of guitars and keyboards commonly, amazing by their clashing sounds on City Rogue; Bulette Blood, Dungeons & Flagons; Chaotic Evil Outsider onto Metallum Aeternum and more Heavy Metal epic fighting anthems written here and being release for the audience over Full Attack Action – album.

The entire army stood there figuring out how to defeated the large beast reptile breathing fire begun to destroying their birthplace …

Full Action Attack: