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Ruach Drones (Not On Label 2015)

   Post-Rock not from Japan as you might think they’re came but the Swedish team group of young idealistic rockers on Oh Hiroshima is comprising gladly, stronger and clever as Simon Axelsson (bass), Oskar Nilsson (drums, vocals), Jakob Hemstrom (guitars, vocasl) and Leif Eliasson (guitars) performing and written their materials and productively mastered with Phillip Saxin collaborates the inner-sanctum feelings, emotional variety and more seminal Rock meets Heavy Metal as an alternative to maintaining thus Progressive experiments and Indie Rock to Shoegaze plots by the ordering conditions for human-beings to develops forward not the other direction.

In Silence We Yearn should be the authority package for the listeners to taste the try-out musical from the band. Six tunes in a mini-album extended plays like Holding Rivers, Mirage, Ellipse or Aria may floating your existence up the air like rock magic reasons of Kristinehamn.

In Silence We Yearn: