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Rosings Park (CTMG 2016)

   Action parodies over the same title novel materials by Jane Austen turning on to something closer to historical comedy horror movie through Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride, Prejudice and Zombies staring Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston to Bella Heathcote and Lena Headey which strated the entire story of a British-American basic related tales about the 19th century beset England by a plague of zombie apocalypse roam to consuming almost the entire country didn’t scared the Bennet Sisters – Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Kitty and Mary whom are mostly gorgeous, beautiful and well-mannered but as their father behests them to defending themselves against any threats – living or dead to possessing as well trained in the art of weaponry to martial arts in China while their mother wants to see them married quickly to someone wealthy suits. As the country dance on the Bennets place also being attended by Colonel Darcy and Charles Bingley as the young handsome Bingley fell for Jane also attracting Mrs. Bennett attentions just when the zombies attacking the place but fought well by The Bennet sisters before a shocking preposition from the Japanese martial arts converse-trained Darcy becomes smitten to Elizabeth. Jane got attacked through the forest on her way to Bingleys by zombie but lucky to be recovers from the fever.

   Another fool loyal cousin from afar visiting The Bennets – Parson Collins wanted to proposing Elizabeth but refused by her because she’s already met a charming soldier named Wickham that behind his charms and dignity attitude of chivalry hiding a dark secret as he asking Elizabeth to go travel with him stopping to see a horrific display of old church filled up with zombies whom can learning to be civilized by eating pig’s brains; their behavior relatively normal can be coexist peacefully begin to live with humans again which Elizabeth finding it closer to lunacy. 
With Bingley kept away from Jane by Darcy but convincingly tried to proposing Elizabeth on the same time; raging her actions to fight him on hand in hand combat before then Darcy wrote the apologize letter to her. 
   The facts that Mrs. Bennet plans for Jane and Bingley being heard aloud as she drunk and tell it to everyone but besides that the most important thing is how Darcy found out the true nature of Wickham as his childhood friend whom may murdered his father and squandered the inheritance or the elicit money from Darcy’s estate. 
Fernando Velazquez is our expected composer did his job on arranging the best Classical music and attaching interest of the good old days of An Illustrated History of England 1700-1800; Dance of The Ponderous Distaff, The Man From Uribe, Carriage Ride, Orphans, Menuet De Mortes Vivants along with Back to St Lazarus, Zombies are Fed/Attack/Showdown led to After The Explosion as the story goes further that the undead Wickham being stab but still alive and looking civilized by consuming pigs brain all along just creating his zombie army to be easily controlled and planning to rule the country by taking over London being overrun by zombies as he kidnapping Elizabeth sister Lydia.      Finally, the british troops bravely destroying the last bridge on keeping the zombies from crossing over; stop the bloody invasion. Wickham by the way still alive and leads his horde of zombies try to crashing into Elizabeth/Darcy and Bingley/Jane’s wedding party but everyone this time fighting back !