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Rolling The Dice (Anchor Bay Entertainment 2010)

   Initially should be called Day of The Woman but then changes to the more sinister movie-title I Spit on Your Grave – the avenging hatred burst deeper from inside a female’s heartache and shameful mixed into a superb tools for torturing, slaying and mutilates the men who gang-raped and leaving her to die. The story about Manhattan writer summer-time on a riverside cabin turning disaster as exploitation horror movie of tumultuous for Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) being helped by a plumber but mis-directed sign for gratitude turns into a scary moment when backward people from the swampy area “visiting” Ms. Hills daily book-writing, smoking marijuana, tanning and hiking or drinking time alone with their very bad intentions.
Molesting her inside the cabin by force to make Jennifer to do fellatio to a gun or bottleneck; escaping out is only gets her in a more fucked-up situation as Sheriff Storch and Earl whom assisting her found out about the weeds and alcohols and the gang-bang rape process begins by the men to our poor writer Jennifer being recorded and humiliated several times before she fell off the bridge while walking out and river took her while the men begin to destroying the evidence of their ruthless actions there.
The raped girl actually, alive like she has been back from the dead to stalking her attackers and planning the revenge assaults on them all – started with the evidence send to the voice recorder or mail of an attachment video to Storch home; lures Matthew and accepts his apology before strangled him with the noose. Capturing Stanley with a bear trap; ties the eyes with fish-hook and organs on his face until the crows ripping his face out for bleeding to death. Andy got knocked by Jennifer then lied down the bath-tube filled water with “potash lye” burning his face and chokes to death while Johnny met his doom being kidnapped from the gas station, woke up naked only to be lose some teeth before Jennifer giving him shears of emasculate and blood-pours screaming as the severed genital bleeds him to death. 
   The gruesome story-board with background of explicit contents must be fitted on having the eerie and scarier soundtrack music score as Corey Allen Jackson composing the tracks for the Original Motion Picture Score - I Spit On Your Grave revealing The New Teacher, I Want Him Found, J-Time, Innocence Lost, A Fool’s Regret and Walking Away to The Cabin showing the most horrific scenery made by the movie that finished as the permanent final revenge on Sheriff Storch within the fake phone-call; luring him to be captured and tied up before Jennifer make the shotgun anal the stinky sheriff with a string to the trigger on Matthew’s wrist blown up the sheriff’s face before hitting his chest – they died. She smiles … but may never relieved.