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Roll The Dice (21 Laps/TSG 2013)

   Not being a success salesmen isn’t actually, the end of the world for Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell in this very fun and interesting comedy story on The Internship film directed by Shawn Levy within the background of the applying and employment works behind the fantastic company place named Google as the two characters played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson then try their lucks accidentally on the appliance behalf of theirs to the most well-known technology company specialized in internet-related products, search engine; computing software to hardware but as soon they’re entering the summer competing for a guaranteed jobs with Google in teams against various freshly graduated and as the rest gaining their solid teams; Billy and Nick finding themselves rejects with the few leftovers like Yo-yo the Filipino home-schooled, Neha the enthusiastic Indian-kinky nerd girl, Lyle the leader project with his hidden insecurity problems and Stuart a smart-phone engrossed with plenty started of awkward relations between them and silly moments like a wild-goose chase for Stanford University Charles Xavier mislead debugging and brutal beatings or the quidditch game that defies the co-working unifies the rejects team stronger in The Internship movie that also had a great popular soundtrack songs dragging you to loving most of the newer and oldie tracks through the credits of Various Artists recordings from So Good as the Rn’B superstar B.O.B hits onto Usher featuring Asap Rocky’s Hot Thing; F*** U Betta (DJ Chuckie Club Remix) perfomed by Neon Hitch to Wild One by Flo Rida as well as the great elements of wiser lyrics and stories led by the older chart tracks whether it is famous or not like Jump Around (House of Pain), Low Rider (WAR), Flashdance… What A Feeling (Irene Cara) and Alanis Morissette’s inspirational works via Ironic and Christophe Beck compiled giving the audience a great entertaining theme s about working together, never giving up on what you dream of ever and it’s not a problem if you fail at first without even try to comeback and doing it again and again must be attached within the rest of the story for rejects team over their misunderstanding, the separations, the flirting, the party wilder; as well as the lucky one like when Billy met one of the worker there always using headphones but actually not like his looks – an important person around telling Billy how the way to interact people and tutorial on technical information directs.
   While Billy convince by Nick to return back to the team – a show on local pizzeria owner convincing to use google business that potentially would helping him and his family expanding more signing the rejects team a largest possibility on advertising company for google and make them wins the challenge in a very funny odd way to make you smile !