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Road To Hana (Asthmatic Kitty 2014)

Soloist amount of ideas better to do it alone must be the choice taken by Rafter Santos-Roberts or you may calling him just only – Rafter without the groups he used to play with like Bunky; Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra to Robert & Lord.

This San Diegonian example off his catalogs of Reggae Music plus the Pop tunes includes thus Indie Rock, experimental Dub to Rocksteady which shows the audience the similarity on the front cover almost copying Dookie the album but this one having the puzzling intense parts of telling stories from the furious abdominal snowmen to the robotic alien invasion or ape army with spears and sexy golf girl caught and tied smiling must be the good essence for delivering more beats of tropical apocalypse in between the title – It’s Reggae. 

Red-haired instrumentals and musical companion churns constant like swirling average male human standard sounds power playing for Kusterica vs Markovic, Convertible Jeep, Shudder Lee, Hawaiian Moon, Computer Chip Cory and Translation: Success will taking your soul to go out and dance following the rhythms.

It's Reggae: