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Reinterpreted By ASP (Kabuki Records 2008)

   Whether you might calling her strange-futuristic presence of hot sexiness female looks over La Hannya and her friend musician Lutz Demmler rocking the simple Lahannya projects that would be the only thing you need to ask before the entrance to the Prologue to this EBM and Gothic Metal Electronic that rocks the shit stereo system of you as the ocean blueish distorting measurement sounds comes and triggers the head-banging or while perfectly, in a secret mission of hacking accounts of the wealthy community under the signs of remixing freedom meets Industrial Rock collage rhythms by beats and riff-age led by Lahannya’s sensual arousing vocals whom will be the only addiction you hope you could have during some nights of loneliness and wet-dreams through the empty room, smoking harder or drunk and abused by the lifeless hope. 

The futuristic agenda which closer attached to the illuminating ideas for influencing many minds of masses for the great rocking music and symphonic melodies catches the obvious contagion more further within Welcome to The Underground track-listing over Beneath The City, No Tomorrow, Inside The Machine or more druggy sounds everyone would love to listen from this talented lady.

Welcome To The Underground: