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Red River Valley (Legacy 2014)

   Survival from the real life-experiences story of Cheryl Strayed whom leaving her hometown Minneapolis as an acute heroin and anonymous sex addicts within deep depressions trying to find the new meaning in her life trekking far to Mojave Desert in Southern California on this movie Wild; meeting a good hiker at Kenny Meadows or the old couple giving her a short warmth shelter as she went Northern and did survived the deep snow and harsh weather yet again surviving with muddy water by using the siphon technique so that she manage to arrived in Ashland, Oregon or Mount Hood National Forest, meets both bad hunters or friendly hikers group as well the enlightenment through those mother with her children and the red fox at Bridge of Gods that reflects her to a better vision on her future best as the journey’s end. 

   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Wild will take you on experiencing Cheryl’s searching with breath-taking scenery and various artist track-listed for Let Them in from Paul McCartney’s Wings, Suzanne by Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams’ Something about What Happens When We Talk, Evan O’Toole, Free to Simon & Garfunkel music which mostly touchy the Folk-Rock classics collections manage by Susan Jacobs. 

Wild - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: