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Rebirth Escapsim Nickel (Pendulum/Elektra 1993)

   Ninety-two era appearance on MTV airwaves really makes these New Yorkers Alternative Hip-Hop group and the early days of Digable Planets crew over their fusion out of the blending Jazz to Hip-Hop and many more traditional, Old School and Neo Rn’B tricky beats embarked which telling you the story about how they all develops from the beginning as Butterfly (Ishmael Butler) hooking up with Philly native Doodlebug (Craig Irving) and Mary Ann Vieira aka Ladybug brought her Brazilian descent from Maryland area; being backed by Silkworm/King Britt as they decided to move to New Jersey as them soon became good friends and rapping partners put their career performance from places to small communities and began to build little less fan-based before the exciting days of approval towards themselves through Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space) being released to the national music market and the media whom listening to them earlier and latter feels as high in expectation as MTV at that time – turning things to be Alternative for the anti-establishment society and speakers for the young generations as commercially, Digable Planets trio rooting their sound of music to be oriented closer on smarter lyrics, knowledgeable thoughts to share to opening borders; points of view that defies racial prejudice and attaching communities for good peace and prospers for all mankind together within the flowing charts as like Pacifics, Where I’m From, Jimmi Diggin’ Cats, Last of The Spiddyocks onto La Femme Fetal or Appointment At The Fat Clinic – shines through the pleasure of painful amount of the society dragging by the bigger company, commercialism and perfection mediocre status that infecting public especially, young teens and grown up kids to thus executives and baby boomers because the trio rappin’ delights really wants us to be move on as develops through equality, prosperity and safety connected in such a popular but sociable in many kinds of way.

Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space):