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Reality Hiding (Golden Brown 2017)

   Unfamiliar mysterious or adding your percentage over mystic noise producing like a version of flute-didgeridoo hybrid of sounds playing quite professional by our talented artists of home-made recording industry – our New South Wales clarity-seeker evoling disembodied aesthetic experiences through this ominous inter-woven Drone/Synth, reminiscent airy harmonies onto deliberating slow-motion melodic as computerizing dominance comforting the instruments variable uses by making a Shoegaze-solid ground before adding some more Electro-Pop, Dance Downbeat or cool things by the short lyrics like Cool Story, Time and Character Flaws that for older people confusing yet disturbing as the arrangements went spectacular surreal, comforting and friendly – like the first time you stepping yourself begin to exploring New South Wales of Australia with a clarity moment.

Electronic drums and keyboards singing the essence of It Ain’t Much Better in Here Kid as it’s been release by Obvious Creature, the name …

It Ain't Much Better In Here Kid: