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Rational JFK’s (Dangerbird 2010)

They’re still consisting of Dustin Hawthorne, Paul Hawley, Luke Paquin and the new bass player – Parker Bossley to make this fourth studio album - Future Breeds worth another try for the fan-based only not public but artistically, the next program musical made from Hot Hot Heat (band) to be honest sounding mature more and wiser as it is developed.

Alternative Press and AllMusic Guide gave it almost five stars and the futuristic animated artworks suitable within the Times a Thousand, Implosionatic, Zero Results to the Goddess on The Prairie or Jedidiah between strange tissue-implication towards Buzinezz az Uzual just like a statement phrase that sounded wiser via Nobody’s Accusing You (of Having a Good Time) brought the blending tight over Alternative Rock, Indie New Wave and Garage-Pop a brand for Hot Hot Heat.

Future Breeds: