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Rat Subway (Tupatutupa 2017)

   Crusher Grinders out from Madrid, Spain – rated their senseless/visible influences over the likes for Napalmera Death Chocolate or Charlie Kelly by combining their purest wrath of Hardcore and Grindcore in one package album - We Will Regret This Someday; extensively done through their extreme levels and festivals appearance like Bloodshed to Obscene Extreme to Fluff Fest and importantly more that they also likes to destroying more living tooms, skate parks and basement underground shows as kept being independent and dangerous.
Teething finds their edgy sincere works via these six long and countless times over the years to completed their banging-slap killer riffs and drumming destruction plans – mastering hundreds in a mosh-pit and more head-banging followers to marching and burn the outside world to ashes before rebuild the new one from zero. 
You can start counting and jumps higher to kick teeth and bleed some broken noses while these twelve tracks from Up In Smoke, Setting Fires, You and Your Fucking Car, Take Me to a Doctor, White Cross Inversion and Just Kids – breaking the barriers, pulling interest towards the forgotten generations of the street or mixing your depressed feelings like a time bomb to blown out larger by effects !

We Will Regret This Someday: