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Quoi N’Importe (Bandcamp 2016)

   Jazz Ambient and sculptures among the beats of tunes impressing the expressive experimental for improvisations which written, produced and well-performed by Max McCargar on this releasing recording entitled – The Un-Crow mysteriously, desperate and haunting to listening by remarkable happy people.
   The taste of dark-breeding crawlers and terror mystery must be the main characteristic ensigns within the terrible themes which not all reference to those thrilling moments psychologically but as well an external concerning issues like 4 Seconds of Noise (War is Peace), What Dream Cost, The Old Man Drops His Pen ..., Neck Meat and A Bear of Very Little Brain reveals their techniques barely not crumbles as medium to higher level as the feeling or guts handling the situation well behaving for the records and the performance of balance between tranquility and back-lash turmoil catalogs.

The Un-Crow: