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Pyramid Twist (Ectoplastic 2014)

Gothic-Jazz of Psychedelic Punk to Rock N’ Roll strange experimentally Blues sounds hailing from these Liverpool group naming themselves White Blacula with Para Normal – clarinet/vocals, Ben Diego – bass, General MIDI – drums/vocals, Doc Horror – guitars/voice/effects onto Zombina – keys/voices, Tom Hanx – saxophone/keys/percussion, Zombina Venus Hatchett and Gym Pest the lead vocals; inventing and arranging this oddity shapes of music to share to you as the rest of the world soon will realizes The Great All Knowing as the dancing futile features from the band being released and compelling through the characteristic ghoulish tunes for Ancient Moves, Sharp Elbows Sharp Knees, The Cosmic Constant, Spirit Walk or The Big Release as you being accidentally, opening some kind of Mysterious Dimension jukebox gate with thus gruesome looking creatures and monstrous images display.