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Pulling The Plane (RCA/Novus 1990)

   Splitting into four stories – this sequel of comedy movie traditional from South Africa really can force you to bursting in so much laughter while watching it. The Gods Must Be Crazy II used to be a following after the successful first one with people around the world might all happy to see how the simplicity na├»ve elements owning by the character of Nixau – a native Bushmen farmer/hunter man (aka Gcao Tekene Coma) as Xixo here trying to find his lost children while on the other hand, two elephant poachers travels by truck as their planning to hunt accidentally carries those two children of Xixo. The third would be a silly fun and loving romance drama story of a zoologist Dr. Stephen Marshall and a New York lawyer Dr. Ann Taylor and experiencing (with the rest of the film audiences) the adventures above Kalahari Desert on an ultralight aircraft over the spare time turning to disaster to surviving the wildest African weather and environments completed by the panties/skirt blown by the gusty wind, animal chasing to the amazing captures of the surroundings was pretty much natural and beautiful as well as those stupid planning, wrong moves and the fighting soldiers over the joyride gone stranded; while the poachers finally capturing Xixo as hostage before he reuniting back with his children, bad poachers went to jail and Miss Taylor and Dr. Marshall having their first kiss before going back to civilization …

Charles Fox composed and conduct by adding some more fun stuff as a recording soundtrack for the film through the fantastic tracks like Sunrise in The Kalahari, Xire and The Hyena, The Ostrich Egg, March of The Cuban Prisoner onto The Chase or Hold Hands! would giving you and the family a plenty of good times watching.