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Project Blue Grass (Exclusive Media Group 2014)

   Caused by the GPS incident went wrong given the exact route unfortunately, ruining the family trip for Corey and Jillian and Riley – the one whom always filming most of their entire journey through the camping trip at Brown Mountain – North Carolina. The footage founded in the middle of nowhere tells the audience about a terrible event of Alien Abduction with some on-screen information needs to reveals by the authority about the missing case of these family members. Urges to investigate the sharing story about strange activities around the mountain; the siblings saw on the recorded camera three spotted lights like triangle maneuvering then vanish on the night journal as next tomorrow misty and heavy rain morning the car went straight into the booby-trap sets by the alien creatures so people would getting lost and stuck on that remote road tunnel filled with car-wrecks, old stuff, missing clothes and more wreckage abandoned with no bodies found nearby. Peter (the dad) becoming the first victim whose being abducted after the aliens showed up from the dark shadowy tunnel and took him. As the rest escaping to the woods and meet the good na├»ve redneck guy Sean whose his older brother also got kidnapped later for telling the real truth about the strange events happening around the mountain area related to government cover-up conspiracy theory and UFO activities involving on many disappearance every year; the film itself got the thrilling and creepy boosts from the scoring soundtrack written by Benjamin Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan displaying It’s Just An Ordinary Day, Walking in The River, That Northern Bird is Blue to The Mosquito Song or others like Equinox (written by Jared Beckerman) to Smell Yo Dick song performed by Riskay following the scariest moment where one by one the last remaining persons being abduct or killed by the creatures endings the non-explainable case of missing footage as the fell camera hits back to earth from above just like under the rain bridge encountered with the lost father – Peter by the highway patrol moment.