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Prey Solitude (Stronghold Records 2008)

   Simple naming Black Metal band of America – Woe that founded originally in New Jersey but the crew wanted to relocated because of the reasons unspoken to Philadelphia before decided to move again back closer to Brooklyn, NY as been settled there. 
Fully aggressive and anxiety with their big fucking guitar blasting the amps as the absolute emptiness guided the members like Chris Grigg, Grzesiek Czapla, Lev Weinstein or Matt Mewton on releasing their first debutant of Black Metal massacre music from the title album called: A Spell For The Death Of Man. 
Faster rawness plus the screamager vocals as well as the intense killer-riffs and plenty dark lyrics condemnation writings collected like the ritual of occultism via Wake in Mourning, I See No Civilization, Memento Mori, Longing is All That Will Remain or Alone with Our Failures – as predicted the human sacrificial beyond the doomsday preparation.

A Spell For The Death Of Man: