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Prelude Agony (Domestic Genocide 2012)

   Basic Satanic and black magic’s models of Black Metal attacks by Dean Mills (bass,guitar, keyboards), Guiseppe Lavagna (bass, guitar), Gabriele Pala (guitars, keyboards), Alexei Soloviev (orchestration, keyboards) and Evil Lucifera (vocals) as they’re bringing the misanthropy, anti-christianity and hatred vengeance as being hailed from Milan, Lombardy to releasing the debut blast loud and raw kinds of female fronted Black Metal cursing group within the incantation or incarnated project on summoning darkness and the demonic possessions from the screaming sounds and fast drumming tempo as Alone in The Moonless Skies, Master of Tormented, Princess of Dissection, Triumph in Malice or Bloody Tears saying all the painful, destruction and melodies blended onto one torturing moments of your endless nightmare of the countless screams since the beginning of the recording - Atrium Infernalis …

Atrium Infernalis: