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Poundtable Knights (Self-Released 2017)

Performing blizzard of sticking bass-line to the riff-age smashing guitars over Punk-Rock displays by these Detroit latest project stalwarts with Marky, Jeff, Howie and AJ leaning their flexible old habits form the prehistory channels as Smash The Jukebox releasing the most non-anticipated record of their personal own nut-jell ideas and music on Brain Damage.

With no more female to drag to the cave but the broken jukebox music for intellectual intercourse of your membrane brain-cells; six tracks must be enough as the Michigan crew quartet came bashing onto your stereo system written and performed by themselves as the loud ugly solos or fast beat of drumming might fucking annoying to others. 

The artwork being drawn by Jeremy Gabridge and your favorite songs might not be on that lists – No Parole, Dot Your Eye, Hamm’s or Pop Punk Cliché; isn’t that really good music as you thought they are ...

Brain Damage: