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Potatonaise (Self-Released 2017)

   Some kinds of precious nuggets presented over these free improvisations of a Liverpool’s Avant-Garde comedy noise crew playing their invented Psychedelic Jazz and Post Pronk progressive ensemble needing no convenience from you on asking them and criticized them on the debut album. Hilarious screaming female fronted and layers of nonsense lyrics to spoken words brushed to euphonious baffling or complete unique brass sections and background sing-along for Unstoppable Sweeties Show bridging riffs between introvert and extrovert as themselves featuring here: Rob Wilkinson, Yashashwi Sharma, Fabrizio Cabriolu, Probert Dean and Wyn Jones – expressing their intending ideas and magic images over thus colorful brighter and candy-land atmospheric rainbow to the Bjork-influenced inspiring sounds on the releasing of Tuck: A Town with  Cat Mayor.

Falsetto ranging to the semi-orchestra and soprano vocals technique considerable to load a full- hearted impressive performance from the track displaying like Where Are The Farts, Amino Acid Flashback, Nice Guys Finish Pasta, Pea Cock Tail and PS Emo or You Father will Hear About This might easily caught a sounded like you’re being invited to enter the craziest birthday party made unplanned as the guests are happens to celebrate the flying pets day with creamy blends of Indie-Rock insanity.

Tuck - A Town with a Cat Mayor: