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Postcard Lullaby (Maxximum Productions 2011)

   Nitro fresh did the beats, talkbox or vocals while Jonnie Storm (MC, vocals and beats) for live-music on Hip-Hop out of Seattle area basic for local sounding comparison as alternatively, entertaining even when one made out of bed-room stereo recording went independent but measured pretty well as this LP of Cereal Box Superheroes did much goods via the works of a hard-effort duo calling themselves Saturday Morning Cartoon.
Not trying to fight over a box of cereal but arguing the local social issues to be written on a poetry song-book collections with the wiser sounds and effective lyrics sharing to the crowds as spreading positivism not the reverse within the titles of track-listing off Black Black, Possibilities (Come with Me), Rain Roof (Remix), Baddest (feat. DJ Cues), Timeless, Move Yo Body (feat. LRC the man & King Dro), La La La or Just Some Men (feat. DJ Cues) as well as Something Brand Nu (feat. Julie C) performing the players playable format on turntable scratches, mixtures and talents on flowing rhymes as your early started activity time being spiritually, saved by them !

Cereal Box Superheroes: