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Positive Vibes Only (LLC 2016)

   A Hip-Hop searching for the roots of an ancient origins for the re-identified Black Americans whom questioning themselves and as not being safe walking and living in the streets of America unites states; the creative collective and current times reflections among the minority via African American (Passport) by The Black Opera crew of Detroit – Michigan trying to not labeling Buff1 or Magestik Legend as the righteous or dangerous activists but just being regularly, seeking to the answers many have waiting for.
Customized memorabilia, purposes, spread earnings, filling up social media with consciousness and dignity over the rest false history you’ve been told before ain’t really that happening but some faking it with the in-constitutional freedom of human rights to speak, acts and gathering freely without getting caught or suspected and also being protected by the laws equally as well as the enforcers without seeing your background differences. 
   And when you already listening to the most beats and lyrics messages as an alternative experimental for Rap/Soul and Black Music in the making of great America again – Holy Ghost (prod. Magestik Legend), Black Woman is God (prod. Magestik Legend), Hashtag Stay Woke (EnterLude) as well as thus conscious-fully spiritual Rap songs for good straight activism actions via The Wake, Beautiful City, or Pardon (guitar & beatbox by Obie Iyoha, keys by Josef Deas), Save Us ft. Soulgalaxiegirl (bass by Josef Deas) or Top 5 (prod. 14KT) single version approved to be the legit pass to your first time going back crossing the border …

African American: