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Positive Drinking (Tristar Pictures 2016)

   Ang Lee directing a war drama based on a same name novel story about the bravery and the downfall of designated Bravo Squad inside their almost succeeded mission in Iraq turns to disaster as the courage team caught in the gunfights against the local fanatic insurgence as this young US Army specialist William Lynn dragging his wounded sergeant Virgil Breem – soon to be deceased but his soldier action caught on camera sooner ascends Billy Lynn onto a celebrity status back home in America.
   The devastation on the funeral followed by the culminating tour for the halftime show for Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving home game and publicity sponsored by the club owner Norm Oglesby as planned for the rest remaining of Bravo Squad led by Sgt. David Dime inside the black limousine to the stadium while the flashback or the nearby family moments for Billy to come home with his family: proud mom and little sister, wheel-chaired dad as well as his depressive older sister to the process of him joining the army by last signs after he destroying his sister’s asshole boyfriend whom leaving her in a hospital shortly after she got a terrible accident and needing longer treatments. 
   Keep feeling weird for people and spectators on the stadium asking him or honoring his bravery seems made Billy’s head dizzy as his guts wanted to throw-up by thus mixed feelings and the various meeting with too many people. 
   The Dallas Cowboys sexy cheerleaders and the party happenings around them do make some comforts to the Bravo Squad while Billy met one of them - the beautiful friendly Faison with more troubles quarreling fights with the stage workers and event organizers soon after the troops make their way saluting on stage right next to hottest Destiny’s Child performance but some still left their memories back in Iraq – through the patrols, the battles and the loss of friends besides being happy to be welcome and greet as heroes by loud Rn’B music background. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk movie as Mychael and Jeff Danna composing the soundtrack as compiled by various artists may given the audiences a related passage to everything that they’ve been through since and some predicted Billboard Pop charts like Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins & Lil John performs or Classic single from Free – All Right Now; The 2 Live Crew brought the dirty version of Dance Like a Hoe, The Hooters showing you on And We Danced, Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys giving us Forever Always Ends onto The Suicide Kings, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Blues Saraceno as reaching climax via Kellie Pickler’s country girl version for the national anthem or the traditional Arabic Maqam Sabah from Farida & Iraqi Maqam Ensemble sharing mostly, everything you need to know about the effects of wars stays inside the soldier’s hearts forever.