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Pleazure’N’ Ride (Polaris Records 1991)

   Leaving the ashes over Dorian Gray by the addition of vocalist Willie D and guitarist Valentino and Matt Steavanz; the getting ready for warming-up new session of Glam-Metal/Hair Rock group led by bassist Joey Wylde and drummer K Lee Lauren (and) their hairspray flurry personifications for the looks as well make-up didn’t quite helping Wild Boyz gaining their strength of fame for critically, taken serious by the rock music media. Sounding like the old Warrant and Poison but originally wrote their own catchy and rocky songs like this one and only releasing they did before permanently, disappear for good. 
   Awesome sounds and catchy choruses as well solos that makes any kids wanted to be in a rock band easily like them but Unleashed ! that carries Hard Rock or Glam Rock doesn’t references the guilt and the changes on the scoring board for Alternative Rock over Hair Rock and then, I Don’t Wanna Cry No More, I’m On My Way, Forever, She Don’t Care, Take Me or High Tonite – enclosed the smaller bands career like swiping dust outside the dusty bar somewhere off the outskirt of Hollywood Boulevard corner.