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Plastic Assimilation (Rejuvenation 2017)

   Noise-Core and Alternative metallic Hardcore recorded and made for the intensive care unit purposes via Alabaster group of Lyon, France crew comprising Pierrick Marin (guitars), Remi Dulaurier (drums), Damien Debard (bass), Thomas Dantil (vocals & lyrics, additional guitars) came physically, decomposing their arrangements and performance forming the elapse craze victimized through Grunge and Heavy Metal members from their own previous bands now recording a new arrival name project baptizing into dazzling and thumpers sections of groovy or power-tools techniques for Time to Get a Job recording session. Semi-nude couples and acoustic guitar player and Australian Jo, Guacamole Bulldog, Forefather of The Cosmic as well as (Dead) Man of The Family through Honono ! would fits to praying for the global world Victim’s Victim – expressive and mosh-pit standard pile of broken bones anthems among scared cowardice heads who works only behind the veil – afraid of thus lawless protesters !

Time To Get A Job: