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Pheasant Hunt (Warner Bros. 1987)

   The background story behind Japanese empire occupations around the land of china including Shanghai to Nantao; as the little british kid Jamie separated from his parents due to the evacuation journey but luckily, falls to the hands of surviving Americans rebels only to experiencing the horror and thrills under the Japanese mean occupations destroying rebels, capturing hundreds and slaying thousands – sending them to go under slavery in remote war-camps as the middle class Jamie meets Basie, Frank and reunites with some british like Dr. Rawlins, John and Mary Graham many more after the fall of Shanghai and the allies around asia-pacific. Removed from Lunghua Civilian Assembly Center to the Sezhou Creek internment camp during the nineteen-forty-five times; little Jamie learning more by the reality experiences living inside the camp under the Japanese suppression laws and hard disciplines not only the language and the culture but also interacting with most of the Britons and Americans by doing something useful to help others and helping himself day by days.

   An epic ages of war movie Empire of The Sun directed by Steven Spielberg and John Williams composing the orchestral scoring music from Liberation: Exsultate Justi, The British Grenadiers, Imaginary Air Battle, Jim’s New Life, The Street of Shanghai and the iconic message in tunes via Suo Gan – the traditional Folk-song that expressing the true conditions before, the middle of and after the resurrection of people within World War II. Idolizing Americans and P-51 Mustang after found out a confusing thoughts with the Japanese hara-kiri pilots and the meaner leader of the camp turning Jamie to prove himself worthy to live on the American side-of-camp. 
   Sooner the news received from the radio tells everyone that the allies already surrounded the Japanese territory after avenged to Pearl Harbor cowardice acts attacks by the empire of japan by dropping the powerful secret bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – defeated the empire once and for all. The white lightning seen many miles by witnesses to the dropping of ransom capsules by the US military; the broken society trying to rebuild its back-bones and scattered family finally, reuniting again like Jamie but the trauma effects of wars shall never be really cured.