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Particle Magazine (Varese Sarabande 1986)

   The greatest achievement and awarded goes to make-up special effects artists Chris Walas and Stephan Dupuis to make the director works of David Cronenberg through the classic Sci-Fi Horror as a scientific experiments involving the telepods which can transporting one object to another one side by side instantly, went wrong with a long-periods effect to Seth Bundle the eccentric scientist whom did some try-out on that same teleportation machine using live baboon ended up dead as inside out. The demonstrating over the real event using human subject test of himself did unaware to have housefly also coming in with Brundle successful  testing – as he who fell for the beauty and attraction from a science journalist Veronica as things seemingly normal for their relationship except the jealous editor Stathis Borans.
   Later on Seth found out about his gaining increase of ability such as stamina, strength and soon as he becoming too envy over the changes that makes him feels powerful; dumping Veronica for another girl is underway constructs until he feels very strange with his transforming bodies like fallen fingernails, seeing the data mixed as confusion raising with the two test subjects becoming one in molecular-genetic level inside the computer telepod designing a new hybrid or mutant creature like fly begin to transforming Seth slowly – piece by piece until the gruesome scenery you’ll see won’t be just like when Mr. Brundle vomits digesting enzyme as he tries to swallow the food; gained ability to climbing the wall and deteriorate of losing body-parts with the presence as a creature rather than human gruesomely, grotesque to see – one can hearing the scoring instrumental songs composed by Howard Shore consisting of modern classical orchestra tracks like The Phone Call, The Last Visit, Plasma Pool, The Armwrestling, Ronnie’s Visit, The Stair or The Ultimate Family capturing most of the thrilling horror to scares you. Creature BrundleFly returns to kidnapping his girlfriend madly screaming out loud seeing her boyfriend’s look as she knew that she’s pregnant with Seth’s baby  but being dragged by the monster within its brilliant mind want to make one entity of him, Veronica and the baby by using the telepods after kills Stathis who show up and trying to stop the madness before the reasonable doubt of Seth’s last humanity tells Veronica to end his life by shotgun inside the opening pod …

The Fly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):