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OX4 Twisterella (Creation/Sire 1992)

   The second studio album being released by these Oxford, England band simply calling themselves – Ride within the (later on) being their seminal greatest album ever recorded and written there; Going Blank Again seems to be filled within not just Shoegaze sounds but also British Alternative Rock and bitter-dip ends of lower-keys chained between strings guitars buzz rain and medium tempos choruses that catchy but also serious to listening with more focus – as the themes carrying ten tracks – mostly wrote down, arranged and sang by the two leading roles of the group: Andy Bell and Mark Gardener with Laurence “Loz” Colbert and Steve Queralt releasing this fifty minutes and twenty-four seconds duration off the album as you might also liking the “down-to-earth” music dragging standard within Leave Them All Behind, Not Fazed, Chrome Waves, Time Machine or Making Judy Smile. 

Sing along or just let your head nods following the Jangle-Pop of England in the making …

Going Blank Again: