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Ospreys Voice (Paramount Music 2017)

   Steve Jablonsky measures that the Harbro next installments off Transformers: The Last Knight original motion picture soundtrack would be equally, taste epic as well as the plotting story about King Arthur and his round table knights fighting the Saxons within the helpful magic from powerful wizard Merlin whose agree to having allies with Lacon knights as the hiding group of an ancient transformers on Earth or Unicron; while Optimus Prime crash-landed and being brainwashed by alleged powerful creator Quintessa leaving the fellow autobots warrior sheltering with Cade Yeager on a fallen cemetery along with some new friends like street-wise girl Izabella and her scooter-bot Sqweeks; Jimmy the brainy assistant and Bumblebee with the rest remaining autobots refugee from being hunted by the Transformer Reaction Team (TRF) with Yeager received some kinds of mechanical talisman of value and power from a dying autobots knight and the decepticon trying to track them whatever they can.
By the helpful Sir Edmund Burton introducing himself as the last people of the old guardian clan of Witwiccan as ties within the ancient transformers since the beginning of history timeline; his crazy steampunk transformer butler-bot Cogman with the beautiful literature professor of University of Oxford and her dad’s old transforming car Hot Rod – Viviane Wembley trying together to opening the clues behind the trace on finding merlin’s staff which leading them to travels elsewhere even under the depth of the ocean where they and TRF squad found the gigantic alien spacecraft with the staff and merlin’s grave can only be open by the last descend of his air and then, as Sir Burton told Viviane the real story.
   Many instrumentals composition leads you to the excitements as the actions and the drama of history reveals within this Transformers: The Last Knight (Music from The Motion Picture) hearing us from Sacrifice, The Coming of Cybertron, Izzy, Purity of Heart onto Megatron Negotiation, Abduction, Seglass Ni Tonday and Drone Chase making the movie worth a focus like the close-up sight from Viviane helping Cade and the autobots retaken the staff from Quintessa whose coming down as she brought the planet Cybertron to collapses with Earth (unicorn) resulting the death of our blue planet and the resurrecting of hers – that must be stopped straight on the rendezvous point of the midst of an ancient strange place with the celts monument called Stonehenge. 

And the world once again at the stake !