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Operate Closer (Platinum Dunes/Intrepid 2007)

   A quite almost terrifying recaptures as the previous late film with the same title and theme – this Horror-thriller movie The Hitcher starring Sophia Bush and Sean Bean as the flash-back story of a hitchhiker getting in for a ride turns to be violent and attacking the driver/passenger before pushed out near the gas station when Jim Halsey and Grace Andrews went to New Mexico for a Spring Break.
Not stopping there – the terror of the hitchhiker real-named John Ryder targeting another family in a station wagon as the couple Jim and Grace late warning sending the family car crashed the side of the road as the father badly wounded; the children and the mother died while taken to the hospital to the nearest town while the hitcher kept terrorizing the situation turned bad with the sheriff arrested the couple to the police station for being a murder suspects but as soon the hitcher kills everyone there both Jim and Grace manage once again to escaping with Lieutenant Esteridge continuing the pursue but it’s not that easy as most of the police cruisers and helicopter being single-handedly taking out by the “help” from the hitcher also targeting Jim and Grace. 
   Not because of the thrilling movie led the soundtrack motion variously complied or composed by Steve Jablonsky went violent as well; much of thus romantic tunes of Classical Pop-Rock and more excellent songs like Fallin’ In Love Again performed by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, Building Up to Feel So Good (The Velcro Pygmies), On and On by Stephen Bishop as well as Don’t Give Up on Us sang by David Soul onto The Cowboy which written and performed by Eric Speier as the credited others musicians/singers available on the journey made by Jim and Grace – unluckily, separated as Jim then being caught and tortured to the stretching tied out to be pulled in half and died by the hitcher trucks; even after being restrains and taken under the heavily guards van – still the hitcher manage to escape as he killing the guard the next morning and made Esteridge and Grace car crashed too. 
The final assault as the mexican stand-off between Grace and (the fake) John Ryder – in fact the police proven that the true identity of the hitcher is anonymous as then Grace precise shoots to the back and the chest chuckles him before the deadly head shot as the movie closing.