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Onto Grass Shore (Borne Recordings 2008)

   Buck Curran and Shanti Curran did married themselves inside the mind and after that this Folk/Psychedelic experiments duet from Maine was born. Arborea music reaching their third recording releases as House of Sticks did re-shaping the edge of emptiness and slow quality of curious feelings as the beats of mystic and mysterious instruments ringing you the bells of warning about the next closing dry-season like nobody ever seen before this life.
Folk rock and Pop-Rock sending from Portland to the world; curated by various Alternative Folk psychedelic or dreamy folk re-mastering produces on lyrics and performance by Shanti and Buck over angelic voices and musical play handling much well in seminal Acoustic and calmly silence breathing slower in mystical magic touches by the story singing carefully radiates via Dance Sing Fight, Beirut, River and Rapids or Alligator – leaving the traces of a lonely child and thus non-artistic figure/shapes of an unfinished man-made wooden object.

House Of Sticks (Remastered):