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Only Shallow (Creation Records 1991)

   Not until the releasing of the fourth albums which defies the band as one of those Alternative experimental Dream-Pop and Shoegaze that is a further evolution away from Post-Punk and Indie Rock within the adjustment soft-distorting buzz of rain music in guitars and low-tuned vocals for My Bloody Valentine in Loveless. The best around for any Britons exclusive fan-based would die to have listening to the album long-time ago but still collecting it as rare products from the early nineties era of Grunge started to get a grip in US while Dream-Pop already did its second times phase through out UK and the rest of western Europe.

   With Kevin Shields on guitars/vocals/sampler/keyboards onto Debbie Googe the bassist; Bilinda Butcher (vocals, guitars) and Colm O Ciosoig (drums, samplers) showing the globe that this is the time for equality in live-band music producing as boys and girls can standing on the same positions or leading one another through the denseity of Alternative Music matching the experiences to thus distorts or soften themes commencing via To Here Knows When, Loomer, Touched and When You Sleep all the way through Soon. Is this What You Want or Blown A Wish for modern pop sounds made of originally Noise-Pop Dublin ?