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Only A Game (Felte/It Records 2014)

   Call this maybe – a kinds of “Tropical Goth-Pop” as your liking alphabet lists perhaps, commonly alike the similarity to these duo from Melbourne with Velvet Underground or DAF or Gianni Rossi and The Mamas and Papas fixing their total influences over Australia duet of Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green to forming White Hex.
Harmonic elements and Post-Punk to Darkwave in minimalist slower Electro-Rock popularity might easing the listeners head while the sensual female vocals hypnotizing your male ego to the lower level as the musical performance felt magical and mysterious over the second releasing for Gold Nights here. 
   Capturing the essential of seminal Shoegaze or Goth-Electro or anything impossible turning the blackness into shiny matters really abusing commercially through the rhythmic effects and echoes sparked from Sisters, Paradise, United Colours of KL, Battleground and Burberry Congo – looks like an album fitted for models and cat-walks junkies affecting to the abnormal sounds of White Hex.

Gold Nights: